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recovery services



Bardsleys can offer all aspects of Recovery from small cars through to the largest truck + trailer combinations, including bus and coach.

We do European and nationwide recovery 24/7 using fully equipped recovery trucks and using experienced recovery operatives.

Accident damaged vehicles or simply broken down we have facilities to cover every eventuality.

Our Landoll trailer allows us to recover fully loaded artic units and low to the floor vehicles such as buses and coaches with ease.



When trucks and trailers are close coupled for example fridges we have a separte tractor unit to enable to recover the trailer.


Our specialist underlift recovery vehicles can cater any weight from 7.5 tonne to 100 tonne.



We have 2 sizes of slide bed recovery vehicles, one for the cars but a larger one to carry up to 6 tonne, for exampe a transit van.



Our service vans is equipped for all breakdown and roadside repairs.









































































Bardsleys Recovery